Month: June 2014

To Me, My Heart

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Look what I unearthed from my old English assignments! Even though it has been a few months since this horrible natural disaster, let us not forget the pain that these victims still feel as they try to rebuild their homes and lives.


To Me, My Heart

A tribute to Typhoon Haiyan victims

White sanded beaches and

Turquoise waters exist no longer.

The racing heartbeat of the ocean

Swept them away,

And now where paradise once was

are bodies and broken glass and broken lives.

The pulse of the waves beat away the land.

This soul-filled, joyous land is now Empty Ocean,

And my people are shattered at the

Heart of their beings.

And so we say goodbye,

To the beat of the wondrous and monstrous

Organ that surrounds us,

We say goodbye.

Farewell to the white beaches,

The turquoise waters, the heaven on Earth, and

To me, my heart.

And for us, our home.