Month: October 2013

Happy Birthday!!!!!

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Happy birthday, Kristin!! You are wonderful, and you deserve a wonderful day. Thank you for being so awesome! 😀 



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Fundraiser for World Humanitarian Day

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Fundraiser for World Humanitarian Day

This is a part of my fundraiser. (By the way, the candy bars are so crooked because we were trying to keep them out of the sun. And, no, it didn’t work.)

Supplies Bought for the Animal Shelter

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Supplies Bought for the Animal Shelter

These are the supplies I bought for my local animal shelter. I also think that I am going to sponsor animals in the 12 Strays of Christmas program!

What I Did For World Humanitarian Day

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Hi everyone!

I am so sorry that it is so late, but I would like to tell you what I did for World Humanitarian Day. If you have seen all of animal pictures that I tend to post, then you probably know that I am an animal lover. Seriously, though, I am. If I weren’t so squeamish and terrified of doing something horribly wrong, I would probably become a veterinarian. Alas, I do not have the heart for it. I am much more content making sure that animals are fed and taken care of so that they do not have as many health problems. So, for World Humanitarian Day, I decided to have a fundraiser for my local animal shelter. In a project that lasted months, I sold hundreds of candy bars (I still have some left!), and I was permitted to sit in front of Feeder’s Supply to sell more. I made over $200 in contributions to the shelter!! While that is not necessarily a huge amount, I was still able to get a large amount of supplies for the animal shelter. I deeply appreciate and thank everyone who helped me in this endeavor! Make sure to check out the pictures that follow!

What did you do for World Humanitarian Day?

Thank you guys so much for participating or just for reading!


How Did You Find Us?

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How did you come to start reading Courage for Tomorrow?

How New Are You?

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Answer this poll to tell us how long you have been reading Courage for Tomorrow! :)

Halloween Cupcakes: Step 1

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Halloween Cupcakes: Step 1

Click the picture to see the recipe of these awesome cupcakes made by Kristin Elizabeth!