Month: February 2014

Hiatus Returns; No March Issue

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I just want to let everyone know that the hiatus is back in place. We are really low on available time right now, and I do not want to put out an issue that is not good. Therefore, we will not be posting issues for awhile.


Teens Throughout Time

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Would you like to participate in the March issue? It is about how teenagers have involved throughout time?

Here are some of the questions you can answer, if you want to:

  • To which older television shows relate modern teenagers relate?
  • To which older songs can modern teenagers relate?
  • To which older movies can modern teenagers relate?
  • How do you think teenagers have changed throughout the last few decades? Centuries? 
  • Why do you enjoy being a teenager? Why do you not?
  • Would you go back to being a teenager if possible? Why? Why not?

Thank you! And, I am sorry that we haven’t posted lately! I, personally, have been very busy with all of my commitments. I hope to get back to our regular writing pattern soon!

Alex 🙂