Month: April 2013

Vlog: Week Three, Bucket Lists

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A video in which I (Alex) actually appear! (Don’t get used to it!) 😛


Catastrophe: A Tribute to the Boston Marathon Bombings

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They call it a catastrophe,
But to me, it’s a bitter-sweet blaspheme
Something to show man has the power,
Devastation at its finest hour.
With the most insane of drives,
People took people’s lives.
Was it someone’s cry for attention?
Or was murder and chaos their intention?
From the lowest of lows, this is vile.
To the laws of this place, it is denial.
A childish and self-righteous stunt,
“I’m special, I can do what I want.”
Whoever did this had better run,
Behind closed doors are the owners of a loaded gun.
You better hide, coward like an insect in a crack,
I warn you, karma will get you back!

Vlog: Week 2

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Week two of our video blog is now up. You will once again be seeing Marjorie. She talks more about grief, specifically the Boston Marathon, and the stages of grief.

Boston Marathon

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Our thoughts are with all of those were affected by the bombings at Boston Marathon.

The Courage for Tomorrow Team

Don’t Forget About the Contest!!

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If you have seen our Facebook post, then you know that I am going to go to a local news station to tell them about Courage for Tomorrow when we reach 10,000 views. To get more viewers we have decided to have a contest!

Here’s how it is going to work: we need you, the viewers, to tell more people about the magazine. Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your coworkers, and anyone that you think will listen about CforT. Give them the link to our site. Then, once they get here, have them leave a comment on one of our posts telling us that you sent them here (for example: “(_____ sent me here”). The contest will end at midnight (EST) on May 31st. Shortly after, we will tally how many viewers each person sent to our site by the names in the comments. The person who has sent the most viewers will win a prize. That prize will be a $20 Target OR Walmart gift card, whichever you choose. 


Start: Today, April 1, 2013. 

End: Midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on May 31, 2013.

Who: Anyone that lives in the United States (I’m sorry to all of our viewers outside the United States, but it is for shipping purposes. That doesn’t mean we like you any less!!). 

*Note: I will need you to give me your address to send the gift card to you. Only partake in this contest if you are willing to do so. Your address will not be shared with any third parties. More information will be provided upon winning.*

The First Ever Courage for Tomorrow YouTube video!!

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We now have a YouTube video!! Please, please, check it out. 😀

Thank you,
The Courage for Tomorrow Team

A Logo Possibility made by Marjorie Hawthorne

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A Logo Possibility made by Marjorie Hawthorne

What do you think of this logo possibility?