Month: July 2013

Marjorie Hawthorne’s Birthday!!!!!!

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Did you know that yesterday was Marjorie Hawthorne’s birthday?? Well, it was, and we all hope that she had a marvelous birthday , even though I know she didn’t expect one. From all of the Courage for Tomorrow team, we wish her the sincerest “Happy Birthday!!!” and the most genuine “Have the best life can bring you.” 

Happy birthday, Marjorie,

The Courage for Tomorrow Team


You’re Better Than This.

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You're Better Than This.

Dani Ceko’s Cover of Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

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We have a video up for the depression issue! It’s a cover by Dani Ceko; she is singing Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. Check it out! 😀

Dani Ceko’s Cover of Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

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We have a video up for the depression issue! It’s a cover by Dani Ceko; she is singing Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. Check it out! 😀

Intro, Angels and Demons, and Blood by Marjorie Hawthorne

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      I want you to read this before you read any of my poetry for this issue. I haven’t written in a while, this is because I’ve been suffering from some pretty serious depression, and one of my side effects is writers block. The one thing I have been able to write about though, is depression. I don’t want you to think this is all for attention, all of these poems have a reason they were written. They are disturbing and morbid. But they are also true. They’ve been written over the past 6 months. If you want to know what goes on in my head, this is it. I promise you, if you need someone to talk to, I will be there to help, and I promise I understand.

Depression is a pretty serious thing, and can be pretty disturbing sometimes too. But way too many people suffer from it, and need to know that there are others out there like them.

I would also like to dedicate my poems to my best friend, Lauren. Over half of them were written because she is the reason I fight, and I was writing to remind myself of that.

I love you all, you gorgeous people you,

Marjorie Elizabeth


Angels and Demons

There’s red paint running down the walls,

And you feel about three inches tall.

Cause everything you know is falling apart,

You can’t understand, what’s wrong with your heart.

And the Angles are crying,

While the Demons are cheering.

You’re hanging on by a thread,

Fighting for your life.

Hoping, Praying,

You win tonight.

They’ve picked their sides,

Just waiting for you to pick yours.

While you run the blade across your skin,

Behind closed, locked doors.

You’re crying,

You’re bawling.

The tears mixing with the blood,

Waiting for a reason to rise above.

And the Angels are crying,

While the Demons are cheering.

For they know which side you’ve picked,

Before you’ve even fully done.



It’s another night

The end of another day

And all I want to do

Is find my blade.

I just want to feel alive

Without all of this stress

Like I still have some fight

While my life is just a mess.

The blood seeping out

All shiny and red

And believe it or not

I don’t want to be dead.

I just want control

Control of the pain

Control of the blood

Dripping like rain.

I know some they will worry

Some will be mad

Some don’t even try to care

And some thinks it’s a fad.

No. It’s an addiction

One I’m done fighting

Cause when I try to be strong

I just end up lying,

To myself and everyone else.

Saying I’m alright

When reality is

I’m not even quite.

I just want my blade

Want my skin to leak blood

It is too much to ask?

Cause I really am done.

Goodbye, Gothic Angel, Here by Marjorie Hawthorne (ft. Alex Stepp)

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The hardest word you’ll every say,

Is the one that gives it all away.

It shows that you’ve given in,

That there’s no use fighting it.

It seems so final,

Like the end of a trial.

I’m scared there’s no going back,

Once my lips go slack.

And I’ve uttered that word.

That one simple word.

Seven letters,

So easy,

Yet so hard.

And I’m afraid,

So afraid.

I’m afraid of the end,

Cause once I begin,

I can’t try again.

Oh this is the end.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

Okay, deep breathe,

And a sigh.

This is it now…


-Marjorie Hawthorne

Gothic Angel

I’ll be your gothic angel,

A sweetheart with a twist.

-I’ll protect your soul from the devil,

-Then steal it with a kiss.

I’ll be your black butterfly,

The one with broken wings.

-And when you cannot find me,

-I’ll be waiting in your dreams.

I’ll be your little secret,

That nobody has to hear.

-I’ll hold your heart in my hands,

-Until you have no fear.

I’ll be the promises you’ve broken,

The lies that came undone.

-I’ll be there when you stay,

-And go with you when you run.

I’ll be the end and the beginning,

And everything in between.

-I’ll be the breath with every laugh,

-And the voice in the words you sing.

You can hold onto me tightly,

Nevermore to fear.

Let me lead you to a new place,

A one with no more tears.

Let me be your gothic angel,

Your sweetheart with a twist.

-And when I wake no more
-I’ll be the one you can’t bear to miss.

Marjorie Hawthorne and Alex Stepp (- are lines written by Alex)


Here it is cold.

I’m all alone.

Here I am scared.

No one to care.

Will you come.

Keep me safe?

Will you care.

Do you dare?

Here I am broken.

Left to die.

Here I am hurt.

For the worst.

Will you hold me tight.

All the damn night?

Will you save me from my fears.

Cause that’s all I ask my dear.

-Marjorie Hawthorne

Honest Truth, I’m Sorry, and Mind Prison by Marjorie Hawthorne

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Honest Truth

The honest truth is;

Life sucks

Love hurts

Nobody’s there

Nobody cares

The honest truth is;

People change

Other leave

Some move on

Things go wrong

The honest truth is;

Love is love

Pain is pain

Hate is hate

Gone is gone

The honest truth is;

Life has to go on;

Through the love

Through the pain

Thought the hate

Though the gone

Life must go on

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry for the cuts on my wrists.

I’m sorry for every time I slip.

I’m sorry that I let it get this far.

I’m sorry for every fucking scar.

I’m sorry I’m a monster inside.

I’m sorry that I’ve already died.

I’m just going through all of the motions.

Hoping there’s an end to all this commotion.

Searching, searching for a way through.

Hoping that each day will be new.


Mind Prison

I’m in a prison of my mind,

My sentence, till the end of time.

The jailer is myself.

There’s no getting out.

Visitors come.

Visitors go.

Nobody stays.

Nobody knows.

That I test every crack.

Shake every bar.

Hoping there’s a way out.

Hoping I’m not far.

Not far from the end.

The end of my sentence.

The end of my time.

But there’s another way out.

I just need a little help.

If someone could pay the bail.

Let my visitors stay forever.

If someone loved me enough to set me free.

Then there would be no end for me.

-Marjorie Hawthorne