Summer 2013 Writing Contest

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Look at this contest that a local library is having in participation with us! You can always write, too. Click the link to find out more!

-The Courage for Tomorrow Team

Summer 2013 Writing Contest.


Make a Collage This Summer!!

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Make a Collage This Summer!!

This is a picture of the collage I am working on. It isn’t finished yet, but it is a lot of fun to make!

1. Collect old magazines and newspapers. Have your friends save some for you!

2. Go through and cut out all of the images, letters, and words that you like.

3. Go buy a poster board. You can cut it into a shape like I did. For example, I cut mine into a heart to represent that the collage is of some of my favorite things.

4. Trim what you cut out.

5. Use glue, glue sticks, tape, and/or a stapler to put what you cut out onto your board.

6. Send pictures of your collage to Courage for Tomorrow so we can see it!

Have fun!

Television: Pros and Cons

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I have been reluctant to add “watch movies” and “watch television” to the list of summer activities that we posted earlier this month because I am a big fan in staying active. That does not necessarily mean that doing these things are bad, however. If you are staying healthy and active, and you make sure to get some sunlight, then I do not see how watching television programs and movies are negative. Some content is negative, though, so make sure to check the content of the things you watch before you watch them. 

Sometimes, stories and lessons that are imperative to know in life can be learned through television programs, too. The poem that I am going to post directly after this gives an example of how fiction can comfort people as they go through difficult times. 

What are some of your favorite television shows and movies? My top three favorite television shows are The Vampire Diaries, Sherlock, and Veronica Mars. My top three favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice, Peter Pan, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Share in the comments below!


My Friend the Rain

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My Friend the Rain by Rachel M. Shields

Monday, March 19, 2012

The rain, soft and subtle

Pounding, thudding, thumping, sounding on my window

Creates a soft melody,

A melody soft and sweet.

The glass glistens from the wet droplets hanging from it.

The soulful beating of the gentle rain

Often sings me into a silent sleep.

The cool breeze it brings lingers for a while to sing,

Whistling through the trees.

Staying, staying, to remind me

Of the way it washes over me,

Refreshing me

As it dances across my rooftop without a stop.

It sings, “dada dum dada dee,”

And I hurry off with glee.

I grab my coat by the door and rush into the rain.

The rain kisses my cheeks and my hair, and suddenly, suddenly, I stop and stare,

Staring up into the sky, hoping the day won’t pass by

Without giving me a chance to dance with the rain.

The wind, quiet and sure, whips my hair around my face,

Making me laugh and laugh and laugh.

The rain can stay all day to play.

So I run back inside and fix my eyes

On the water droplets on my window, sliding across the glass.

Transfixed, I glue my face to the window,

Watching the rain run down in rivulets.

It can stay as long as it likes, I won’t mind.

The rain will be my friend until my life ends.

If it has to leave,

I won’t cry, but I’ll simply say good-bye,

Wishing it a nice day and thanking it for its quick stay.

The thudding, thumping, pounding, and sounding will go away,

But it will come visit me another day, and then we’ll play.

I’ll walk away with a smile on my face,

Waving to the rain as it dances away.

The Land of Dreams

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The Land of Dreams—Sonnet by Rachel Shields

February 23, 2012

I’m floating off into the land of dreams,

It’s a world far away.

The bright lantern of the lighthouse beams,

Giving me light to dock my boat at its bay.

The black skies part at the entrance to this land,

They step back as the light floods in.

Sunshine washes over me as my feet sink into the sand.

Worries flee from me like an army of retreating men.

The shadows lift;

The burdens of life fade.

The breezy winds lazily drift

Off into the glade.

With a carefree heart and a smile on my face,

I set off to tour this land at my own pace.

Vlog Four: Summer Memories

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What would you like to see in the next video?


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Raindrops by Rachel Shields

September 28, 2011

Calming, soothing.

The pitter-patter on my window,

The beating rhythm on my umbrella

The transparent drops

The marching feet of the clouds

Walking over me,

Washing away my troubles.

Leaving everything fresh, crisp, and new.

Bringing a peace and serenity,

Leaving that in its stead.