Inspirational Songs: Music Heals

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Inspirational Songs: Music Heals

I thought that I would continue this post because I know that music has strong healing powers for some people. Who doesn’t like to listen to a good song?

1. Forgiven – Reliant K


2. Peace in the Valley – Kevin Costner


3. Fin – Anberlin


4. Love Saves the Day – Piotr Rubik


5. Savin’ Me – Nickelback


6. How Deep the Water Runs – Kevin Costner


7. The Unwinding Cable Car – Anberlin


8. I Was Here – Beyonce


9. Lose Yourself – Eminem


10. Savior – Black Veil Brides


11. Never Give In – Black Veil Brides


12. Second and Sebring – Of Mice and Men


13. Someone Somewhere – Asking Alexandria


14. This Song Saved my Life – Simple Plan


15. You are the Heart – Blood on the Dance Floor


16. The Good Life – Valencia


17. How to Save a Life – The Fray


18. Eyes Open -Taylor Swift


19. Tied Together With a Smile – Taylor Swift


20. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera


21. Who You Are – Jessie J


22. This is Love – The Script


23. The Fighter – Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder


24. Perfect- P!nk


25. Who Says – Selena Gomez


26. Firework – Katy Perry


27. Hey You – Miranda Cosgrove


28. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction


29. Only You Can Be You – Cymphonique Miller


30. Little Things – One Direction


31. Freckles – Natasha Bedingfield


32. Imagine – John Lennon


33. I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly


34. One – U2


35. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars


36. Mean Girls – Rachel Crow


37. Let it Be – The Beatles


38. Times – Tenth Avenue North


39. By Your Side – Tenth Avenue North


40. Stars – David Crowder Band


41. The Sun Will Rise – Kelly Clarkson


42. Stand – Rascal Flatts


43. You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up) – Josh Groban


44. Hero – Mariah Carey


45. When You Believe – Whitney Houston ft. Mariah Carey


46. Where the Streets Have No Name – U2


47. The Climb – Miley Cyrus


48. You Can Come to Me – Ross Lynch and Laura Marano


49. Changed – Rascal Flatts


50. I Won’t Let Go – Rascal Flatts


51. Believe – Brooks and Dunn


52. I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack


53. Need You Now – Plumb


54. Lost – Michael Bublé


55. Marching On – OneRepublic


56. Heroes – David Bowie


57. Brave – Sara Bareilles


58. Little Wonders – Rob Thomas


59. Whip It – Love and Death


60. Hope – We Came As Romans


61. Son of Venice – Upon This Dawning


62. Same Love – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert


63. I Lived – OneRepublic


64. Strong Enough to Save – Tenth Avenue North


Thank you to everyone that contributed to the list!

Please, feel free to add more songs! We want to know what songs give you hope.





Inspirational People who Fight Poverty!!

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There are so many brilliant people that I want to share with you all, so many people who dedicate their lives to helping others; I’m afraid, however, that I would be typing, and you would be reading, for a long time. For that reason, I will only share a few, and link you to the rest of them.

Once, I was watching an episode of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee (don’t judge; Linda Ellerbee is totally awesome!), specifically “What’s for Dinner? Hungry Kids in America.” In the episode, a boy opened up a community food pantry called Joshua’s Heart Foundation. The kicker? The boy was five at the time. Five years old. If a five year old can see the struggles that the people in his community go through, than why is it so hard for adults? Anyway, Joshua has helped thousands of people through his organization. Maybe you could do something like that, too! You can like Joshua’s page here:

The Blessings in a Backpack is an extremely helpful organization as well. It’s a bit different, too; whereas a lot of people collect school supplies such as pencils, paper, crayons, markers, etc. to put into backpacks and donate to kids, those who are involved with Blessings in a Backpack put food (snack foods, breakfast foods, and fast dinner foods) into backpacks to donate. That way, a child has a nutritious meal to get him or her through the weekends. It’s hard to concentrate on homework when one is hungry, so I think that is a brilliant plan! So many kids that are able to eat at school because they get free lunches aren’t able to eat at home because there isn’t any at home. They serve 62,000 children. You can read more here:

Another foundation, Peruvian Hearts, was also founded by a child. 11 year-old Ana created the foundation when she returned to her birthplace, Peru, and saw the horrible conditions that children face there.

As you can see, it doesn’t take an adult to create an organization. What it takes is a sense of compassion for suffering human-beings or animals, the determination to make a difference, and the endurance that must be had to sit outside time after time to have fundraisers to raise money, support, and supplies for a cause. If you have all three, then I highly encourage you to put it to good use. Help somebody!

Welcome to the Depression Issue!!

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Welcome back, or Hello for the first time!

July’s issue is on depression. Through this issue, you will learn what depression is, what causes it, who has it, and how it affects the involved parties. You will read poetry and stories, interviews and advice from the brilliant writers of Courage for Tomorrow. We hope that, through our experiences and written work, you have the hope and encouragement to seek help, either for yourself or another who suffers from depression. 

We do plan on making YouTube videos for this month’s issue, so please stay tuned for those, as well. If you would like to write for this issue, or contribute in any way, please use the links that I have posted in the Contact Us post. 

Thank you so much for reading Courage for Tomorrow!!

-The Courage for Tomorrow Team

A Note on “I Will Not Be Broken”

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I am aware that “I Will Not Be Broken” is about bullying, and that this month’s issue is on depression. However, I really wanted to share this story with you because I absolutely loved it. Think of the bully in this story as depression, if you would like. You will not be broken by it, either. 


I Will Not Be Broken – Jenni

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I Will Not Be Broken


I am the lion, the tiger, the bear, the fighter and the warrior, the king and the strongman. I am the angel, the devil, the demon and the god. I am powerful. I am brave. I will not be broken.

The words repeat in my head as I limber up in the ring, stretching my already aching muscles. Already, bruises are flourishing around my collarbone and on my arms; blue and purple flowers with black petals that shape of fingerprints. They are beautiful in the glinting light of the sun, shining on my pale skin.

I am the angel, the devil, the demon and the god.

At the other side of the ring, my opponent, a guy named Gary, sneers at me. He’s bigger than me, stronger and more ferocious, but I have something he doesn’t have – sheer will and a very powerful imagination. As I stand, waiting for him to pounce on me again, I can feel wings stretch out on back and sharp claws scrabble at the dirt ground. I’m being stupid, I know that, but still, something small inside me refuses to be beaten. Something small inside me tells me that this hulk of person opposite me has a weakness, one that I will be able to exploit.

I am the lion, the tiger, the bear.

With a great roar, the person opposite me hurls himself across the ring, charging like a bull. I dodge easily and slap him on the back as he passes, making him cry in rage. My hand stings, but I try not to care. All around me, people are jeering, cheering, shouting and laughing. I pretend they are cheering me on, instead of mocking my feeble attempts at self defence.

Again, the bull roars and charges, as this time his meaty fist landing in my stomach, a knockout blow. I double over; stars fly around my vision, dancing in the blurry edges of my vision. The cheers get louder and my opponent grins. “What’s the matter, dumbass? Can’t hold your ground in a little fight?”

‘NO’ I long to scream at him. Because how can you hold your ground when everyone else is trying to bury you? How can keep yourself from drowning when a thousand hands are pushing you down, how can you stop yourself from dying when every word is a knife in your side, a stab in your heart?

I will not be broken.

I straighten up and look the boy in the eye. The ring seems smaller all of a sudden, the throng of people circling us coming closer until their bodies blur into one massive wall of flesh and hate. They are all watching me with curiosity. It takes me a moment to recognise it, but then it hits me – when I was younger, I went to a circus abroad and there they had a little freak show. There was a bearded lady, a boy with elephant skin and a painter who used her dainty feet. That’s how they were stared at.

One part wonder, one part loathing and three parts disgust.

Another blow, another fall. I begin to lose my courage. I am an angel? A devil, a demon, a god? I will not be broken…if my body can withstand the pain. Another hit. The crowd goes wild. I wait in vain for a teacher to wonder where all the kids have gone, but no – it is after school. The teachers don’t care about me. They say ‘names will never hurt you’ and ‘sticks and stone…’ but what does that even mean? The bruises on my body hurt less than the names I am called. The smashed teeth and bleeding noses are less painful that the knowledge that no one will ever love me, that my heart is a fractured piece of glass that will never be fixed.

The final hit is big one, making me crumple and cough. My small hands, knuckles bloody, cup around my fat, cradling my aching stomach. Tears prick in my eyes and no matter how much I try, I can’t force them back into their ducts. I am not a bear, or a tiger, or a lion. I am not a king – I am peasant, a jester, a circus freak.

Gary spits at me, the globule of salvia landing inches from my nose. “Aw,” he laughs, “has little Kale had enough? Do you want me to stop?” There is no right answer – experience has told me this. Instead, I stay down on the ground, not daring to look at him. “Come on. Answer.”

His foot looms scarily close to my face, so I gingerly stand up, clutching my painful ribs. The crowd around us is silent. This is the climax, the make or break moment. Will the hero defeat the villain? Will the underdog stand up and fight?

The words are on my lips, the magic words that will make all this go away… ‘Please’. That’s all I have to say, and my humiliation will be over, perhaps with a little kick in the shins to sweeten the deal. But for some strange reason, something makes me stop. Something rises inside me and tells me not to give in, not to appease the monster in front of me.

Deep down inside me, I know they are wrong. I am not a dumbass. I am not a freak. I am not the names they call me. I am the lion, the tiger, the bear, the fighter and the warrior, the king and the strongman. I am the angel, the devil, the demon and the god. I am powerful. I am brave. I will not be broken.


I raise my head and look at Gary. Maybe it’s the fire in my eyes; maybe it’s the way my body straightens and my feeble hands clench into fists, but he shrinks down. The air is thick enough to eat, and as I gather my thoughts and wait for the strength to well up inside me, I see some people in the crowd doing just that, their mouths opening and closing like fish as they gobble up the tension.

I open my mouth and speak.

“I am the lion, the tiger, the bear, the fighter and the warrior, the king and the strongman. I am bigger and braver and faster than all of you, because I fight daily the battles that I can never win. I tell myself that I am an angel, a devil, a demon to give myself strength, even though I know the torment will never end. I don’t let myself crumble; I don’t let myself fall into the pits of despair because deep down, I know that you are wrong. I will make it in a world that hates my guts – I will never bow down to you, because no matter how harsh the words, how painful the punches and the kicks, I have built a cast around my broken heart and signed it ‘they are wrong!’ I know that I am stronger than you because I have endured hatred and disgust and abuse and not bowed down to pressure, not shattered under the pressure you force on me. I am powerful. I am brave.

And I will not be broken.”

Just Me by Rachel Shields

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Just Me
By Rachel Shields
Fall 2011

I need to write to get my feelings out.
I need to escape this little box I’m in.
I need to let my heart go free.
I need relief.

I’m tired of the attitude.
I’m tired of the falseness.
I’m tired of pretending to be someone else.
I’m tired of this.

I want this mess to stop.
I want to be treated like I should.
I want you to make it all better.
I want out.

I should be myself.
I should stop crying myself to sleep.
I should be who I am, not who you say I am.
I should be me.

I think you are all to blame.
I think this is the cause of my pain.
I think I’m going numb.
I think I’m dying.

I’m becoming sick just thinking.
I’m becoming blind to your actions.
I’m becoming deaf to your words.
I’m becoming dead here.

I have been pushed around too much.
I have been used as a rebound too often.
I have been carried too far.
I have been ruined too soon.

I don’t want to go any longer.
I don’t want to keep pushing through.
I don’t want to live life your way.
I don’t want to stay this way.

I will stop this path.
I will move off the road.
I will keep on walking.
I will no longer be yours

Poetry by Liz D.

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It hurts to laugh, so don’t try to make me smile. It hurts to smile, so don’t try to make me happy. I can hide the tears, but I can’t keep them from falling. I can fake a smile, but it doesn’t feel right. It could take a lifetime to make me smile, but it takes two seconds to fall apart. Now, I wait in the shadows for a break in this screaming silence

The only thing left of you

To fade into anything real.




You’re broken, bruised, and cracked. A Band-aid can’t help this time. It haunts you, waiting to break you more. The pain won’t go away, It’s a part of you. You’re careful not to show how hurt you really are. But sometimes, your tears betray you, and you have to let them fall.
You’re not alone. No, it’s not okay. Stop saying it’s okay. You’re not okay.
You’re not fooling anyone. I can see what you’re doing. You’re not okay.
You need help. Ask for help. Ask me to help.
I can tell you’re acting. Stop acting. You’re not okay.
Don’t fake it. Stop faking it. Listen to me.
I can help. Ask me to help. Let me help.
I’m not stupid. You can’t fool me. The scars don’t lie.
It’s not right. You have to stop. Please stop.
Why won’t you let me help? Don’t block me out. Let me help.
You’re not alone. I know it feels that way. I was alone, too.
We’re all alone. We’re alone together. We’re not alone.
I need help. Help me. Why won’t you help?
We all need help. You need help. I need help.
We have help. We’re not alone. You’re not alone.

-Liz D.