Classes to Take In High School

Courses to Take In High School

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Courses to take in high school

By Hannah Rollett

With the strict graduation standards for high school and the strong emphasis on course choice in college, it can sometimes be difficult to choose our courses for high school. Should you take AP Statistics your senior year? Or would you be better off in Honors English 12 with a standard Pre-Calculus class? Whether you chose AP or Honors, here are a few tips for choosing your courses:

-Focus on what you want to major in. For example, if you’d like to major in English or become a teacher, take challenging literature courses, such as AP English Lit or Honors English. If you’re not sure what you plan to major in, look at what you’re good at and choose courses based on that. Most likely, you’ll choose a major or career relating to those interests.

-Remember your strengths and weaknesses. Obviously not everyone is great with Math and not everyone receives only A’s in English. If you struggle in a subject, try to go for a more standard class. If you’re really good at something, go for a more challenging course, such as honors or advanced placement. It’s better to receive a B in standard mathematics than to fail miserably in an AP version.

-What do colleges want? While you may not fulfill a college’s every wish, you should definitely try to fulfill some. For instance, most colleges want to know that you are ready for such a big responsibility. Many of them look for students who have challenged themselves throughout their high school career. So attempt to take some challenging classes and to push yourself a little (but not over the edge!). You’ll thank yourself later.

-Pace yourself. Many teens attempt to cram several courses into one or two years. Don’t do that! You’ll only stress yourself out. Think ahead and try to even out your courses as much as possible throughout high school. For your senior year, attempt to take as few courses as you can. You’ll be busy filling out applications, and you won’t want to waste time writing five papers due at the same time.

-If you’re still unsure, seek guidance. Of course, if you are still feeling overwhelmed with your choices after this, talk to your parents, a teacher, or your guidance counselor. It may not seem like they will make a difference, but, trust me, they can be extremely helpful during this process!

I hope these tips were helpful and that they made choosing your courses a little bit easier. Good luck!