Joy in the Ordinary

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Hi everyone!

Do you ever feel tremendously lucky? Do you ever have that moment where you have to just sit back and look in awe at all of the opportunities that you have, all of the advantages that you possess?

I had that moment today. I am having that moment right now. I have so much to help me succeed in life. For example, I am sitting here in warm clothes in a warm place on this blistering cold day, typing on my laptop, and drinking hot chocolate made with clean water. I have a fridge full of food. I have access to education, great partners for all of my school projects, good grades, wonderful friends, parents who love me, a youth group that supports me, and a God who died for me. I am safe and warm and happy and lucky in all areas of my life.

Yesterday, I went to a scholarship interview. I talked a lot about Courage for Tomorrow while I was there, and just talking about the reason behind CforT’s creation reminded me how much I want to make sure others have those opportunities and advantages. I cannot wait to become a teacher. I cannot wait until this magazine becomes an actual magazine. Recently, it feels like that potential is growing more and more. We recently hit 5,000 all-time views; how crazy is that!? Not only did we reach 200 likes on the Facebook page, but we surpassed that by 192 likes in a matter of two weeks! We now have 392 likes, and we are constantly getting more. More and more people are seeing this magazine, and I am so happy that they are. I feel like we can make a real difference, and if not, at least we have a place where people can come and talk about important issues. Exposure is the first step in creating change.

I don’t know if this post really has a point behind it. I just wanted to take a moment and share how lucky I feel. I encourage you to take a moment and think of all of the things that are going right for you. It might be a sad day, but there is probably something positive in your life if you stop and think for a moment. If you absolutely cannot think of anything, here is something: we care about you. We might not know you, dear reader, but we care about you and your struggles. You have friends in us. 🙂

For a final note, this feeling does make me think of all of the people who are not as safe as I am. I am thinking of those who have nowhere to go to escape the bitter cold. I am thinking of the people who do not have access to education. I am thinking of the people who feel alone and unloved. It is up to us to help those people. So, I encourage you to think of ways you can impact their lives. Maybe you could serve at a soup kitchen. Maybe you could take food and blankets to the homeless. Maybe you could make a donation to the Malala Fund, if you have the money. Let’s do something, let’s make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged, the unlucky, the ones who need us. Everyone deserves this feeling.

Thank you for reading,



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